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Peace be on to you.
Good morning
Ladies and gentlement and all my loving audience.
First of all I’d like to express my special thanks to Mr. Bonjovi opportunity do deliver my speech in front all of you.
On this occation, before going on my speech. I’d like to introduce my self to all of you. Well, my name is rhory andhika. I come from semurup. I am a student English of STKIP.
That is a short introduction about my self.
OK. The topic of my speech for this time being is “ how to study English”
I choose this topic because we know that English very important nowsday. It is an international language, and plays important part in diplomatic affairs, conferences, commerce, finance and other kind of international meeting. It is also which open the door to sciencific and technological knowledge, which is needed for economic political development of many countries in the world.
In fact, we find the problem, most of students are not able to speak English although they have been studying it for three or four years. They cant communicate with the foreigtners even they cant speak with their friend and their English teacher.
To able to speak English. There are some ways :  
First => We must have store of vocabulary
 To increase our vocabulary, there are a lot of ways:
·                     Find and learn by heart at least three word a day and night.
  • Listen and watch English program in television.
  • Use a good standar of English dictionary.
  • Talking English to various people, with our friends, tourist for instance.
Second=> Don’t be shy to practice English if we have a chance. Remember a proveb :   practice make perpect. Today we get three new sentence, the try to practice wih our friend.
Third => We should enchance our knowledge in grammar, structure pronounciation and also intonation.
I’m sure if you follow the above stps you’ll be able to speak English.
That is all which I can tell you.
Thanks you very much for you attention

If you have some question.
I’d be glad to answer

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