In Indonesia until 1945 only rich families could give their children a good education. They sent their children to private school. Most of the population,however, were not able to do so, because those school were very expensive. The only thing they could do was to sent their children to less good schools. Many children did not get any education at all.
            Since 1945 the government has changed the system of education and build many school. Beside private schools, there are other kinds of schools. What schools are there in Indonesia now? There are government schools. Their administration is controlled by the government.
            Some school receive money from government to pay for some, but not all of their costs. They are we call subsidized schools.

The private schools are independent. They choose their own students. Pay their own teacher and ask for school fees, which are usually high. Why do students attend expensive schools? There answer is because some private schools are famous for the quality of their teaching.

            Education is the greatest importance for everybody. It’s purpose it to fit them for live it should comprise three branches, i-e : moral, mental, and physical development.
Moral education means the teaching of students to be good, truthful, honest, generous, and discipline. Mental education teaches the children useful knowledge such as literature, history, mathematics, physic, chemistry, language, and others. A physical education gives students healthy bodies. It makes them strong and energc. It is compulsory in our country.
            Education is to build up the nation building. To reach it, the education curriculum must have relevant to the society’s demands. It must addres the needs to train people who can exploit our country natural resourses and the curriculum must meet the demands of modern industry. If not, unskilled workers wiil result in unemployment. It isalso said that we have lost of educated people, but their education does not meet the the requirements of the job market.

            Generally there are two groups of schools namely state schools and private school. State schools are those that are owned, manage , and funded by the government. Private schools are owned by individuals or organizations that are concerned for education. These schools can be either subsidized schools which get financial aid from the government or self-funding schools. All these schools are only different in terms of the owner and the way how to obtain fund, but they still have the same mission to educate children.
            Schools are the place where our children get formal education. All the communities that want to themselves are aware of the importance of schools. They try to build as many schools as possible in order to give their young generations better education. They know that home education is not enough because of several factors. The limitation of time is one problem and that of the parents capability for the the big job is another. Insuffient facilities and lack of regulary are also problems that most families are facing when they want to carry out their own home education. In addition, the children usually are not obedient enough to their own parents to obtain good education.

            People have long complained about the high cost of education and the amount of money needed to send their children to university. They also feel concern about the quality or education because many student who graduate from university fail to find a job.
            The quality of education has much to do with the quality of the students, even though there is no guarantee that a graduate of a reputable university will automatically get a good job because it also depends much on the students aptitude and state or mind.
            Poor human recources contribute to the high unemployment rate in the country. More than nine million people are currently jobless and the number is expected to increase to some ten million next year.
            Education institutions are blamed for failing to produce qualified graduates  who can meet the labor demands. These failing are expected to be overcome with the so called competence-based curriculum that was introduced two years ago and is expected to be fully implemented in the year 2004, ready or not.
This curriculum will provide students with life skill and relevant knowledge that will help them in the real world. National Education Program for 2000-2004 stipulates, that the education system should prepare competent human resources in anticipation or globalization. It also underlines the need to improve the education system and to narrow the gap in the quality within the region.
An article in the new law of the national education system says that education subjects must consider : improvement of faith, good conduct, intel-lectuality, talent, development needs, demands of the industial sector, religion and national unity.

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